Laos Buffalo Dairy

Luang Prabang has so much to offer, so there was some stiff competition, but after much thought, I have to say that a visit to Laos Buffalo Dairy was the highlight of my trip.  

A visit that feels good and does good

The Buffalo Dairy is a working farm, they have many animals on-site and educate local farmers on sustainable practices. They loan out animals and help treat them if they get sick, they also don’t allow those animals to be killed (hence the loan!) and if the farmers don’t want them anymore, they must be returned. 

Sister sister

This social enterprise does SO much for the local community, click here to learn more from their website. If you’ve travelled in South East Asia a lot, you may be somewhat jaded by the number of ‘social enterprises’ or ‘NGOs’ that seem to just be exploiting local people and raking it lots of money from well-meaning travellers while they do it. This is NOT the case at Laos Buffalo Dairy! You’ll see first hand just some of the good they are doing. By visiting you really are helping to make a difference. 

Listing to these super confident kids and their pro english!

How to get there: It’s on the route to Kuang Si waterfall, it’s a big purple building and you’ll see it if you’re paying attention (which you will be, the scenery on the way is interesting). We found that our driver didn’t know where it was but it was easy enough to get him to stop when we spotted it. 

They're surprisingly strong!

Once you’ve arrived: The entrance is an ice cream stall, and it isn’t immediately obvious that they offer more than this. However, if you walk around to the back of the stall, you’ll see a board describing their various tours. Online we saw that they started at different times throughout the day, but when we arrived they were happy to start one just for us! We saw one other group having a private tour too, so I suppose you only join groups if a bunch of you show up at the same time. 

Seconds later they pulled the top of the bottle off and showered everyone in milk!

The tour: We were shown around by a local Laos woman whose name I’ve unfortunately forgotten (I’m sorry…it’s been a while since I went). She learnt English through the dairy and is excellent at it! The tour was extremely informative and she answered all of our questions with ease. You are shown around the farm and get to interact with the animals. The pigs were completely uninterested, but the rabbits cute and the buffalos very friendly! 

Getting personal with this lady - the man who taught us how to milk was so patient!

It is made up of different activities depending on the tour you choose. You can see more on the tours section of their website, though I must admit that what we experienced differed a little bit.  
We got to: 
Tour the farm 
Feed lots of animals (including baby buffalos!) 
Watch cheese being made 
Milk a very patient buffalo 
Speak with the children learning English (this isn’t part of the tour, it just so happened that their class started while we were there)
And finally, EAT CHEESEEEEEEE in their cafe 

Good cheese is very hard to come by in South East Asia, this stuff was right up there with anything made in the west. Delicious! 

I’m 100% sure that this post has failed to express just how AWESOME Laos Buffalo Dairy is. There isn’t actually that much to do in Luang Prabang, so what do you have to lose by dropping in for a visit? 

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