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Visiting Cat Cat Village

Trekking through lush rice terraces, surrounded by nature, encountering local tribal women in traditional dress - this is what I expected from Cat Cat Village.  Oh how wrong I was! 

That isn’t to say that Cat Cat Village isn’t worth a visit.  In fact, it’s probably a ‘must do’ for anyone visiting Sapa. If you don’t have time to travel further out, this will be your one chance to see a ‘local’ village.  If you are spending longer in town, there are only a few attractions and this is one of them! 

Right - so what should I expect from Cat Cat? 
A very commercialised visit to a ‘local’ village.  It doesn’t feel authentic at all (this starts when you arrive only to be told to go to a ticket office and pay for entrance). 

Other blogs have pointed out that this is to support the locals who live there.  At one point I think they opened their houses, but all seemed shut when we were visiting.  It’s almost like paying for entrance to a theme park...kinda like main street in Disneyland.  

But I’ve s…