Is Hong Kong safe for tourists?

'Are you still going to Hong Kong?'
'I wouldn't recommend coming.'
'It looks really dangerous!'

These were just some of the messages my friends sent me in the lead up to my visit.

Me being super happy that I went

However, other friends in HK said that it was fine as long as you avoided the protest areas.  I was also heading over to meet a friend's baby - wasn't going to miss that! 

So with some trepidation but mostly absurd confidence I hopped on the plane and set off to what the news made out to be a warzone. 

So how was it?

Completely and utterly fine!  If anything, it was actually nicer? 

It isn't anywhere near as busy as it normally is.  The malls were far more spacious, the restaurants weren't as busy and even better - the hotels were super cheap! 

Hardly any people!

Sounds fake. 

Well okay it kind of is.  You do see a few signs of the riots that have been going on.  Some of the MTR station entrances are blocked off, and many of them close at 10pm which is irritating.  Additionally, shops in areas where the riots happen also shut early. 

I also saw riot police walking around...

Pretty much the only sign of riots

That's worrying...

Not really!  It's easy to avoid things and stay safe.  You can use this map to identify areas to avoid. 

So should I go or not? 

Go!  The economy is taking a beating as tourist numbers have really dropped off.  Support HK by going and showing that it's still up and running.  I really want to go back! 

That said - don't be an idiot.  If you feel like you're in an unsafe situation, leave. Don't stick around taking photos/videos/watching. 

Top tips: 
1. Don't wear black!  It's the colour of the protestors and you don't want to be mistaken for one.
2. Don't stay out too late, try to get home before the public transport shuts down. 
3. Don't take photos of protestors/police 
4. Book at hotel that isn't too central - yes, this does mean that the savings aren't as great, but it also means that your holiday is less likely to be disrupted.  I stayed at Tin Hau and it was totally fine.  Shops open and everything! 

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or drop me an IG message @glassdoorsss

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