A Weekend at the Green Lung/Bang Krachao

Bangkok can be crazy hectic at times, and being surrounded by traffic and high rises gets tiring after a while. When you need to escape for a weekend you're faced with a painful 3hrs in traffic just to get out of the city, let alone to the place you're going. Well, the solution to you problems is here in the form of The Green Lung! Get off at Bangna BTS and a mere ten minutes later you're surrounded by lush greenery. Read on for a guide to the easiest weekend away...

Where to Stay
We stayed at Bangkok Treehouse as it was the only hotel that showed up when we googled it!  Once we arrived, we found a number of Thai homestay type establishments.  However, we were very happy with our experience and would stay again! 

The ‘rooms’ are actually mini 2 story houses.  The first is a bathroom with an outdoor shower (2 showerheads for the couples reading this) that opens onto some greenery.  The second floor is the bedroom, one wall is made of up windows and sliding glass doors that lead to a terrace.  There are then some stairs going up to the rooftop where there is an outdoor ‘bed’ for the brave to sleep on.  

Breakfast was served from 8-11 (yay - no early wakeup!) and the options were good for Thailand.  It was very substantial, you get two courses, fresh juice, and a hot drink.  

Getting There
If you’re staying at Bangkok Treehouse, you should leave from Wat Bangna Pier (close to Bangna BTS, but you’ll still need to get a taxi from there.  The ferry is only 4thb per person and drops you off about 250m away from the hotel.  It is well signposted and not a difficult walk.  The ferry runs until 9pm so there is no need to rush.  

The 4thb ferry over.  So many mopeds!  Make sure that you get on before them.

We didn’t know it at the time, but if you call the hotel from the pier, they will arrange for a speedboat to pick you up.  It’s 30thb per person but much faster than the ferry.  It also drops you at the hotel’s private dock so you don’t need to drag your bags through the narrow paths.  We got this boat back, and would recommend it if your bags are heavy.  

There isn’t any car access to the hotel, so only bring what you can carry.  The speedboat is very small and fast, so wouldn’t be suitable for large suitcases.  

Where to Eat
There are places all over, it felt like we were constantly eating (see the photos below).  They’re mostly local but you can also find western food at Hidden Woods.  This place is absolutely magical!  Their menu is small but everything on it is great.  Enjoy! 

When to Go 
The Green Lung is relatively small, as such, there aren’t many things to do, making it perfect for a weekend getaway.  I wouldn’t recommend going during the week as the majority of restaurants/cafes etc. seemed to only open from Thurs-Sun (if that).  

This is probably the most popular activity.  There are bicycle rental stations all over the place, be sure to give your bike a test ride before you head out.  Ours were free as Bangkok Treehouse has a bunch for guest use.  The ‘main’ roads have clear cycle paths marked at the edges, and the cars were all good at giving you space.  The one exception to this was the local bus which almost ran us down!  

Fortunately it was pretty overcast so we managed to cycle without sweating through our clothes.

If you’d rather ride away from road traffic, you can venture off along the narrow elevated walkways that cut through the forest.  The signposts aren’t always clear, but the area is small, so if you get lost, it won’t be long until you spot something you recognise.  Anyways, exploring is part of the fun!  The condition of these paths does vary though, some are very modern, others are falling apart, and some look completely abandoned.

Other cyclists can also be a problem, the vast majority are considerate and intelligent enough to stop at the side if they aren’t confident.  However, one or two insisted on wobbling all over the place and almost crashing into you.  If you encounter these guys, it’s best to just stop and give them space.  

Shopping - Bang Nam Peung Market 
Although it’s called a Floating Market, it really isn’t one, it’s just a regular one.  This market is only open on Saturday and Sunday, it starts at 8am and starts winding down around 3.  The market is very local, we went both days and saw less than 10 foreigners in total.  As such, the prices are very reasonable and the experience is very authentic.  However, this does mean that toilets are limited so go before you get there!  It’s on Google Maps so pretty easy to find. 

The one floating part of the market - note that nobody is actually selling things from the boat.

Tie-dye and Incense
We stumbled across the Joss Stick House while cycling around.  Unfortunately, you have to book in advance so we couldn’t join in.  The number is 028150729.  If you do go, let me know how it is in the comments.  

Firefly Tour 
We were lucky in that our hotel (Bangkok Tree House) offered this for free if you ask.  Even if you aren’t staying there, I’m sure they will arrange it for a small fee.  Once darkness falls, a small boat shows up and takes you along the river.  The guide is great at spotting the trees that hold the fireflies.  It’s pretty magical!  Be sure not to put on any mosquito spray as it scares them away, no phones either as they're impossible to see if your eyes haven't adjusted. 

So there you have it!  The perfect easy weekend away.  If you have questions, leave a comment below or drop me an Instagram message (link in the sidebar). 

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