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A Weekend at the Green Lung/Bang Krachao

Bangkok can be crazy hectic at times, and being surrounded by traffic and high rises gets tiring after a while. When you need to escape for a weekend you're faced with a painful 3hrs in traffic just to get out of the city, let alone to the place you're going. Well, the solution to you problems is here in the form of The Green Lung! Get off at Bangna BTS and a mere ten minutes later you're surrounded by lush greenery. Read on for a guide to the easiest weekend away... Where to Stay We stayed at Bangkok Treehouse as it was the only hotel that showed up when we googled it!  Once we arrived, we found a number of Thai homestay type establishments.  However, we were very happy with our experience and would stay again!  The ‘rooms’ are actually mini 2 story houses.  The first is a bathroom with an outdoor shower (2 showerheads for the couples reading this) that opens onto some greenery.  The second floor is the bedroom, one wall is made of up windows and slidin