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Things I wish I’d known before travelling to Morocco

So heres a distillation of what I know about Morocco, I'll hopefully do longer write-ups on various bits soon.  

Where to go - we did 2 nights Fes --> 1 night Desert --> 2 nights Marrakech --> 1 night Essouria --> 2 nights Marrakech.  I think the ideal trip would have been 2 nights Marrakech --> 2 nights desert --> 2 nights Marrakech. Fes was grim and overpriced, everything it has, Marrakech has.  Most of the sites are only for Muslims so you just trek around the media and shop because you can't go in anywhere.  Pointless.

Getting to/from the airport - try to arrange a transfer with your riad.  Not all taxi drivers will know where your riad is.  You'll pay a little extra, but it's worth it for the convenience.  Going back to the airport doesn't matter as much.  You can get a local taxi and ask him to put the meter on OR agree a price before you get in the car.

Shopping - NEVER pay what they first ask for, even if it sounds reasonable. Start at 25%, w…